Hosted IT Solutions

DeltaEnd hostedHosting - Email, Web, Cloud

Cloud Computing - Delta End offers cloud services over a private and secure network.

Web Hosting - Delta End can provide continuous, uninterrupted Internet access and email services.

File Hosting - Delta End's secure file storage facility is ideal for storing files and reducing or eliminating data theft, loss or corruption.

Image Hosting - With Delta End, you can store image files which permits easy sharing.

Email Hosting - Delta End can host your company's Microsoft Exchange, Linux email services, archive services, spam filtering, or serve as an EAR/ITAR/HIPPA compliant secure email store.

Colocation - You have the option of using Delta End's physical and cloud servers at our data centers, or collocating your own server with us. Our data centers have 24/7/365 video monitoring, state-of-the art fire fire suppression systems, surge suppression, adaptive and redundant firewall systems, A+B power systems, and independent fault domains for the power lines. To gain physical access to the data center, there is a quadruple factor authentication.