In operation since 2004, Delta End has been providing a wide-range of clients IT services from the beginning. With an expansive knowledge base, Delta End can be there for you whether it is one computer in your home or a large network across multiple offices.

Need a secure server? Delta End has exclusive data center equipment and do not resale someone else's equipment or service. We only provide originated services. Delta End's physical server is at a secure data center that is monitored 24/7/365. It has 100% power up-time using batteries and generators as back up. There is a load balance through multiple internet connections that is protected by adaptive and redundant fire wall systems. At Delta End's data center there is a state-of-the-art fire suppression system, surge suppression, and independent fault domains for power lines. To enter the center, there is a quadruple factor authentication system in place for access to the facility.



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